How It Works

Three Simple Step to earn Dollars by Staking Crypto, You just need to buy Staking package available from $100 upto $2500 and you can start passive income instantly from Crypto Mining, Investing in Decentralize DEX, Lending and USDT Trades. We will do all the hardwork for you select crypto to be staked, minned and as per mined crypto value we shall distribute profits to all members based on their own package fixed return.



Register with Valid Mobile / Email and Verify with OTP received.


Select Package

Select any Staking Package starting from $100 to $2500


Activate Package

Pay for selected package in USD and your Crypto Mining shall Starts Instantly.

About Crypto Mining, Staking & Lending

POS (Proof Of Stake) is advance crypto mining process innovated to reduce envoirmental hazardous emission caused by electricity consumed and heat produced by mining rigs used in POW (Proof Of Work) based mining protocol.

  • 24 X 7 X 365 Mining of Crypto
  • USDT Trading through BOT
  • DEX Pool & Lending USDT to Earn Passive Income
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Why Choose Us

We at SJAB Digital Solution LLP are team of dedicated Blockchain IT Professionals having more then eight years expirience in blockchain based crypto asset creation and mining, We have also developed Auto trading BOT's to secure crypto assets value incase of sudden volatility in market, We have used scalping algorithm to make profits in USDT by BOT who can monitior all our trades 24X7X365 Days


Safe & Secure

BOT is encrypted with 256 BIT Cryptographic
Encryption Method and payouts are secured using web3 TRON secure network.


Recuring Income

Your Growth is for infinite time
till your package is active you shall keep
receiving growth income


Capital Unlocked

Only 90 days capital locking after that
you are free to withdraw your capital any time, capital shall be released within seven days.


Instant Withdrawal

Daily Growth & Referral withdrwal is instant
to your own TRON wallet minimum withdrawal
is $10 maximum is no limit.


Referral income

Instant & Recurring Referral on members
package for infinite time till package is active, referral will get regular fixed % life long.


Automated Functions

All processes right from Deposit, Daily Growth,
referral distribution & withdrawal all are 100% automated and instantaneous.










Six Packages starting from $100 to $2500
Get fixed earning from 0.1 % to 0.6 % per day as per package amount.


Referral Bonus

One of the world's best level generation network income till 15th Level
recurring till downline package is active plus Direct referral spot income.

Level Generation Eligibility

Monthly incentive on downline business

Frequent Questions

Find answers to all your questions regarding Staking, Lending, Dex Pool Investments, Joining packages, payments and withdrwal.

More information, please choose below:

You need to have TRON to purchase any of Staking packages available while joining.

All purchased Staking package shall remain active till infinite or till you remain invested in Staking.

Yes you can withdraw your capital any time after 90 days locking period, you shall receive your capital amount within 7 days after withdrwal request is submitted.

You can withdraw your Daily growth and referral income every day only condition is minimum $10 per withdrwal.

Our plan is based on USD but for convinience of members we accept payment in three major crypto currencies BTC, USDT & TRON. Withdrwal can be done in any of these three crypto currencies.

Generally withdrwal is processed instatly as soon as request is placed but incase of network congestion it can take upto maximum 3 days.

You can purchase maximum of $2500 package in any multiples, for your earning there is no capping as off now.

Generation income is calculated monthly in percentage of package amount of your downline and is distributed daily as per blow formula.
i.e Package Amount X Generation Level Percentage = Monthly Income from particular level / 22 Days = Daily Generation Income from Level
Actual Calculation example : $ 100 X 3 % = $3 Per Month / 22 Days = $ 0.1363

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Get in touch with us for urther information or any query.